Zuzana Hepburn


Third Law – supporting character.


Zuzana Hepburn is a journalist from Sandlewoods. She likes to think she is investigating journalist, but in truth she just reports things as fast as she can and as little job involved as possible.

Her blond hair and flowery style works for her well. Mostly she hits the spot, but sometimes she gets it wrong and that’s the reason she was reassigned to Montfort. At least until the heat surrounding her latest money laundry case cools off. The case cost her a lot, but not because her getting it right, but her screwing it completely up, accusing the wrong crowd and later trying to mash it all up to save her own skin. Her newspaper hushed it down and suggested she quietly left the city.

So she is out for new scoop, something to get her back on the track again and she isn’t choosing her methods.


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