Malek Pellowski


Third Law – supporting cast


Malek was born under strict ruling of Rasmus in 1975 when the group was still living together in the small community.

He is dyslexic and despite being able to go to school for few years, it became inevitable that he fell out quite soon, finding himself on the street quite fast.

He was picked up by Rasmus, but even that couldn’t keep him from duets with bottle and his increasing love for it. In the end Rasmus made him swear never to touch that thing again or not come home again. Having nowhere to go, he reluctantly agreed and except few very unmanly episodes he has managed to keep the promise. With one exception – a flask which he sips little bit. They all know he does that, but they chose to ignore it as long as it doesn’t hurt his work.

He was hired by Saul-Erik to act as his personal hitman. This is his main job, but in reality despite the skills there isn’t much to do in that field, so he acts more like territory cop, who deals with disputes and beatings. He is good with people, open and they tend to like him for it.

He learned to be a mortician on Rasmus’ urging and that’s his main job. He actually likes it, because he feels it balances out his two sides – one, which is being happy and open and the other side which battles with “the problems of the universe”.

He has two close friends  – Evelyn, whom they have love-hate friendship, but because they are close to age they became fast friends and Janay, who might be a decade older, but with whom he has found he has a lot in common. Including their sense of humor.

Diethre Nicola – the one girl he never has and who breaks his heart, but whom he can not forget. But that doesn’t stop him from trying or worshiping the woman like a saint.



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