Methylene blue Group

Place: Beaton state, Montfort City

Test manager:  Dr. Henri Lochen

Purpose of the tests: Researching possibilities of longer life span and immortality.

Test method: Using different quantities of cocktails made with methylene blue. The subjects are to take small dosages of the drug every day.

Test subjects known: Henri Lochen, Fredrick Kilger, Mykola Bedrišek , Ida Smirnova, Jan Wellbrock, Marta Bertwick


The research was started by Dr. Henri Lochen in 1925 as a way to change the human life span prospects. Tuberculoses was still demanding many lives early and in the light of that, Dr. Lochen wanted to change it by performing a long-time testing on the doctors themselves.

Dr. Lochen recruited Fredrick and Ms. Smirnova, who was a chemist together with Jan Wellbrock and Marta Bertwick. Dr. Bedrišek joined the group only days before the testing began, because to him, there was no other choice – he had contracted TB during his trip to Poland in 1923.

After several decades of trials at Beaton state they succeeded. They did not want to publicize their results and thus the doctors tested it out on themselves. At first Dr. Bedrišek was not taking the developed drug, but after the streptomycin did not have any effect on his TB, he began taking it in 1946. At that time, Dr. Rouse’s group 167 was housed in the same research facility and the doctors helped out on the experiments on Marfan Syndrome.

The doctors decided to move away and abandon the facility in 1963 after the first group had been discovered. They had by now worked out the exact formula which they used and which had proven even results over the decades, slowing down the aging so that Dr. Lochen was now over 120 years old.

Most of the group moved to avoid being noticed to Sandlewoods, except Dr. Lochen, who secluded himself into forest area and Marta Bertwick, who moved to Moonmace after staging her own death.

Ida Smirnova, who at that time was the chemist for the group, took all the information about the experiments with her and stopped taking the drug herself in 1980s. As others soon realize she protected herself against others by not reveling all the aspects of the making process. However, she continued making it for others. In 1999, after realizing that she hasn’t got much time left, she begins to teach Evelyn Helder, whom they become close, to take over the chemist’s position in the group.

One of the side effects of using Methylene Blue was the skin turning lightly blue, resulting them all to wear unrevealing outfits and women resorting to make-up.






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