Pearl Menad


Devil’s Butterfly – supporting cast


Pearl Menad was born 13 years ago in the same town she grew up in, started her school in and is now sharing her life with her father Marc. She loves horses, especially the gray ones that shine like silver on the edges and her favorite activity is running marathons. At least she wants to do it once her father agrees with the plan.

She has always had short hair. Because she lost her mother before she could remember her, she wanted to be as closely looking to her mother as she could, so she asked her hair to be cut short like her mom’s portrait.

Pearl likes the fact that Efren is best friends with dad. Although Marc is older than him, since the young man came to work at Le Petit Chef, she has always had a place to wait while her father is still working. Plus the fact that the man is excellent in all the school subjects she is failing, does make it so much nicer to stick around. Despite that when he gets into his tutoring mood, he isn’t so nice any more. She calls him Mr. Wooldridge then, not Mr. Efren.

Ah yes, school life. Pearl is not good at school. She loathes sciences, but she knows there is no way past them if she ever wants to get out of school. It’s not because they are boring, her head just doesn’t want to accept them. Which isn’t so bad as she gets double lessons. Which, according to Mr. Efren – if she would study the first time, she would have more free time for other activities. Like eating ice cream, ogling after boys and driving her father nuts. Yeah, having Mr. Efren around does make the school life more tolerable and teasing daddy far more interesting.


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