Rudolf Worden


Devil’s Butterfly – supporting cast


Everybody had someone in their long lost high school past they never want to meet again. Meet Rudolf – Efren’s past horror.

Rudolf had never been a good man. He grew up to be just as cruel and sadistic in his nature as he was in high school and for some unspeakable reason he never liked Efren. If anybody would ask, he wouldn’t know how to explain it, but he only knows there is no “romantically inclinations involved like secretly liking the man and not knowing how to show it, beating him up every now and then” as his sister put it. He simply does not like the man, for there is nothing special about him and if there is nothing special about a man, there is no reason he should exist in this world.

He studied in the same university with Steven Custer. Steven’s secretary has never liked the man and thus whenever he comes around, he sees Mr. McKinley gracefully disappearing. Which gives Rudolf even bigger superior complex, which Steven isn’t cutting down. His friendship to his old university friend isn’t cut in stone though. He is jealous at Mr. McKinley for his closeness to his boss and sees the man as a reason that has made his friendship with him crumble bit by bit over the years.

Thus seeing another old face suddenly show up in Steven’s life makes him even more insecure about his position and influence.


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