Marissa Farris-Custer


Devil’s Butterfly – supporting cast


A socialite business woman, she was no mother material to his son Steven. She spent more time on events than home and after she reckoned Steven was old enough, she left him at the age of 12, convinced his father will give him the best life he could have.

That’s not how his son sees it, but now, more than 30 years later she believes he has reconciled with it and being fully work commuted, somewhat understands her decision. Which is not how Steven sees it and thus the events they are forced to share for publicity he endures with venom flowing over each time the press looks the other way.

She was born in high class family which came with freedom to do her own bidding and awkward position of finding herself an equally successful husband. Marriage with Jed wasn’t love match, it was two young people put in the position of finding socially equal partners. Still, there was enough affection on both of their sides to live together for a decade.

Despite her many affairs she never got married again, enjoying the freedom she had and besides all the new “uncles” he introduced to Steven, he never got a second father.

She lives in the same city with the Custers, but travels a lot, so she isn’t always on the picture, but despite their pickering, she often visits his son’ s apartment and shares his equally bitter attitude towards their new stepbrother/son.


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