Gargoyle – antagonist


He is a treespirit, who can shapeshift into other plants. Their blood smells sweet and rotten fish at the same time, really nauseating. They don’t get headaches and they also have the need for healing sleep, during which they can easily regrow limbs they’ve lost. They reproduce through seeds, but they do not sprout out of parts of bodies tossed somewhere.

The one, who is the object of Thorwald’s obsession is Miloard. He is under his protection until the court. He doesn’t see himself as being protected, but as in prison already and tries to escape to the new world that is unprotected, unaware of the real reasons he was brought here.

Miloard would go through court cases one by one until he found someone, who was let off easy. Then he got their picture, called up 200 random people and they would come together in his victim’s house on the next morning and kill him. they would take a small piece of it one by one and walk away. Even after it was already dead they continued until there was nothing else left but the carcass. They could not charge anyone, because they would each come with their own knife to cut the piece. To be pecked clean like that… He started doing this after the tree cutters took down big junk of their groove and were let off easy.


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