Veronica Brent


Kinswoman – main character


When Selene and Veronica first met in the modern court house, they thought they’d seen a vision. Though younger, Selene’s mid back length hair hold the same shape, both part theirs on the right side and their almond eyes even share the same dark gray color.

Their first meeting was by coincidence as their hearings were held both on the same corridor. Selene’s began first, so at first they were just observing each other from the shadows of their lawyers, but Veronica’s hearing ended first – with resolution of her victory in a very ugly divorce. When she came out of her court room, she let others leave first, being one of the last ones to go and remained behind, thinking she can still catch her. She believes Selene to be there for the same reason as she is, to get a divorce. And on a whim, she decided right there that she would at least like to buy the younger woman a dinner. So she waited her hearing to end. It comes as a little shock to her when she learns that she was there for her sentence, but she can’t give up on her and since then they’ve bonded, as far as jokingly introducing everyone that they are cousins.

Veronica was an only child to an ordinary couple. She married young out of love to Robert Brent, who turned out to possess a violent strike after she found out he had been cheating on her for several years. She was even forced to buy a gun for her own protection, because of his threatening. It was Robert’s grandmother, who brought it out and after taking her side in court, Robert cuts them both out of his family circle. Taken by that cruelty, Veronica gladly takes over the old woman’s care having no older generation of her own left alive. Her parents died only few years earlier.

She is bachelor of architecture, but she realized quickly that getting the degree was only to show for the world that Robert was taking care of her, but in reality, he would not let her find work in the industry. Still, she has high education and is intelligent woman, observing more than sharing. She works as archivist in library.

Because she had trusted her husband to make the best choices for her and done the deciding for her which end up her being played over, she has decided to trust no one and make her own decisions from the moment she moved out from their joint home. It isn’t going so well though, but she is determined not to falter, for the fear of being played again isn’t something she wanted to experience again. So when she happens on Bascun, who is completely out of this world, answers to no one it seems, who sees her need to be in control and lets her make the mistakes while searching the balance between being cared for and making her own decisions, she is drawn to his easy going ways without realizing his own struggles with decision making.


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