Bascun Bishop


Kinswoman  – main character


Second after Thorwald in Bishop clan, fifth by age.

In the first book his description goes like this: “Dark haired tall man looked about third the age of Thorwald and despite the heat outside he was dressed in velvet suit with what looked like woolen turtleneck underneath that matched the hair style – half of it that was braided from right to left while the right side was completely shaved off and replaced with milky looking plastic with similar styled strips running vertically to his cheek. Large sunglasses and horizontally shaved well kept beard. Including the Swish watch and white belt that would get dirty in less than five minutes if he’d step outside.”

He looks modern and pretentious, but that’s because half of that fancy style is covering up the injuries he has got since he started working in the business with his older brother Thorwald. He wants to differentiate himself from him by being his opposite. Despite not being on the same page with him all the time, he keeps close to home, close to his leader, his brother and close to his clan. He needs them like air. Only two people he listens though – Thorwald, because he is his leader, and Celik out of habit. Ugh, and you listen Celik out of habit, because there is no way that nestbird will get you off the hook should you cross the paths with him!

Which doesn’t mean he sits around and waits at home. He is very self reliant and likes to keep distance from the family, having his own “apartment”, where he spends the nights and going to clan’s house only when he needs to. Which isn’t making his relationships any easier with his brother, who believes he is too easygoing and should settle down and focus.

At the same time he is closer with his sister Venessy, who has been his darling since they were little. Closer to her in age he is proud how his baby sister is taking after him. Although sometimes he wishes she didn’t, because together with the looks she has taken over also some of his personality traits and seeing that in mirror isn’t always nice, especially when he fears that some mistakes from his past were caused because of his freeman attitude and he now fears he might see history repeat itself in her life.

When he is not under contract of the Lords Council or under Griffin’s command, he is helping out in the elderly home.

He has large tattoo that it is only few tones darker than his own wings and snakes down the left side of his right wing. He refuses to harness his wings when he is outside Hatangy, in human world. He finds it to be disrespectful and he even puffs them should someone be watching at them.

He is blind from his left eye.

When he meets Veronica, he recognizes the older woman’s need of rebellion as try to gain control over her own life. Because he watches it aside, it forces his own change, pulling out the man, who wants to support her struggle, creating the protective ring of arms around her while she pirouettes, ready to catch her.



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