Test of Silence – supporting cast.


He is one of Queen’s assassins and closest to Kreon. They came in her household with just few years apart, Kreon being there longer, but because of the tasks trusted on them, they at least have understanding – funny times never mix with work.  It is always visible on his face, for when he is on duty, his expression changes and instead of ha—ha, he is serious like death he is asked to carry out. He is what her majesty refers to as Mercy Killer compared with Kreon’s Torturer. Fancy pants , queen’s HG. He is the funny guy on queen’s court. He was part of it before she was married and remained on her side after that for he had nothing better to do. He is lady’s man, but nobody takes him serious. Which he is perfectly fine with.  Being in Queen’s High Guard sets him free from his duties waiting at home and he prefers the court life to boring life at home.

He is interested in Iliran, but their relationship is platonic at best. They are both happy with army life and neither of them want to get into anything but sex. Thus it suits them both not to start anything.


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