Rustles – Chapter 3


“So, no taxi?” She began regretting coming along, though he had said it hadn’t been her choice. Didn’t stop her regretting the decision.

“Nope!” Silver stopped behind her. “Hey, sergeant? Should we get her a bullet west?”

“And that would cover, what, my breasts?” she swirled around. “Look how I’m dressed! A hooker! I don’t go hunting monsters in this!”

“It will have to do, you don’t have time to change.” Sergeant went past them, carrying most of the things she saw him in before.

“Serge! Bullet west?”

“Getting shot is impossible! If he attacks, he’ll do it from below!” He yelled over his shoulder while tossing numbers in the mobile. “Hi, I called earlier? We won’t need the car. Hmh? No, not later either, thank you!”

He tossed all his things on the hood of the car and began adding it all back to his person. Silver joined the others and climbed in the car.

“What are you waiting for?” he yelled to her. She hadn’t moved from the door.

“You seriously believe I will come with you to be your sniffing dog?”

He let his gun lower and stared at her for a moment. It was written in his face that he didn’t get such problems often, but she had cold feet. Every time one of those things passed, she felt sick enough to freeze forever. The cold sensation of pure fear was getting on her nerves.

“I-I don’t want to come!” She yelped. He began towards her, his teeth crossed. “You can’t feel it, can you?” He ran up the stairs. “You don’t know how it feels like!”

There was nothing gentle in the way he locked his fist around her arm and pulled her close to his face before pushing through his teeth: “I killed my best friend tonight! Don’t tell me how it feels – you have NO idea!”

She forced herself look in his eyes. It was hard, they consisted much of the anger and hate he had tried to keep under cover for most of the night and now it was out.

He pulled his breath back. “I need you to catch this man, so I wouldn’t have to shoot another!” His voice cracked.

“I’ll do what I can.” She felt the hand loosen and found herself firmly on her feet again. He offered his support and they moved to the car in silence.



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