Test of Silence – supporting cast.


Ruby was born in service, being the second daughter of an old warrior class. Her only purpose in the story is to protect the queen. She doesn’t have anyone nor is she searching.She is the second warrior woman in queen’s court and is hardly ever seen without her shining steel armor. It was gift from her father on the day she finished her training. She has long dark brown hair and stunning features, which Murdag loves to bring out to her as being really beautiful and nice.

She is the quiet one of their group and she is very tall, standing head higher of the rest of them. Her long curls are often dancing in the wind and Murdag loves brushing them. What’s with her fascination with her is beyond everybody, but she keeps caring for her. Murdag’s inner turmoil is that because she is so similar to her, she feels like she’s her little sister. The tall beauty doesn’t mind it at all, aware of her own attractive side. She likes wearing dresses too, being the chameleon of the group. She is in between both men’s world and women’s fancy dress world and she can easily go either way.

Nobody knows how she ended up in queen’s high guard.


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