Test of Silence – supporting cast.


Larger than life and visibly gone through battle. He has no patience for manners, yet he is efficient in anything that needs forceor cold-blooded thinking inside the box. However he follows orders without doubting them. He is completely loyal to Merek. He is often given hard time for “not having mind of his own”. Moray is eldest of the High guards.

Best friend and adviser to Merek. They grow to respect each other for Moray has no problem telling him how things are. No lying. That is their deal. Moray becomes one of most outspoken supporter for Kinsey after seeing the ruthless actions his men take on her after the misunderstanding with the apple. He becomes the middleman between Merek and Kinsey and is the one who keeps reminding Merek slowly that he can’t act like that with Kinsey. Part of king’s High Guard.

Moray was part of old king’s local administration for a long time. King sends him to watch over Merek, recognizing the young man is bored in the city and has more useful skills in war than is needed for local work.  Plus he runs at odds with Valan and instead of losing his potential future counsel, the king sends him away.

Valan is abomination. That is Moray’s position on the whole incident, when he watched the young man slaughter entire pub without single moment of clarity in rage. He realizes quickly that Valan should never be king and starts working against him openly. King, however agreeing, can’t allow him do that, but instead of killing him sends him out of the city. Valan promises to make him head short and sends out messengers with bounty on his head. The king disgards the bounty, but orders the man not to return in the city.


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