Luzea of Danfrie, Lady Queen of Gaford


Test of Silence – supporting cast.


Lady Queen of Gaford was a tall woman, whose hold was lean and strong. She has thick brown hair that are always braided back with high forehead and deep thoughtful eyes. She is very wise despite her youth, always brought up to be the future queen, knowing she would be married to Valan, before she is suddenly engaged to Merek (because Valan considers her vile for her calm exterior – she is boring).  At first it is big blow to her, but after two years they accept their faiths and learn that despite not having love, they treat each other with respect. They don’t have any children, but neither of them are worried for it. At least not until it becomes obvious that she will be queen after all.

Her dresses are statement of art, but they are always picked with care to show modesty and virtues. She is very even tempered woman, perfect o show queenly qualities. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t hate. Going on a public hunt just isn’t her way.  She has learned how to go behind the curtains to get her way, often to help her husband.


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