Lady Kinsey from Utis


Test of Silence – main character


“I am Kinsey, Lady of Utis. I will not inherit the lands as they are signed to my two little brothers. However, to them I am the world and to me they are my world. Until I’ll meet my husband and marry, for after that he is the head of my house?” She falters on this, looking away.

“Always on somebody else’s mercy. Dad said I won’t be pure by the end this mission is done. I will be taken as a woman and thus I will no longer be suitable match to anybody as they can never be sure I will not be carrying their child. Their first born might be somebody else’s.”

“It’s my chance to get away. As I will be corrupted before the task is done, he will not want me back. He won’t force me to marry to anyone he chooses. I won’t be his puppet anymore and he will let me go. God, after years of his rule, talk of ending up under somebody else’s rule – it’s like sweep of fresh air.”

“I think I made a mistake, when I refused Valan. He is our High Prince after all, but remaining pure was dad’s main priority. My virtue is my fortune, that’s what he said. Not the lands – they are for my brothers, but my own integrity before I marry. But lands to his sons – that’s important. And as his vassals are angry at him right now for refusing the king and for playing them up for possible destruction, he sent me to clear up my mistake.”


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