Conall Lands – Gaford

Middle inland country. Ruled by king Sileas, later by Valan and then Merek.

Once part of Conall Lands. Its economy is related with mining in the northern areas and farming in the south. Because it has water bodies on both East and West, fishing is also part of lifestyle on the beaches. It’s riches mostly come from mining though, because Reminster has ship rights on the further away, they are actually cut away from the trading roots that lead over the sea.

There is huge forest mass in the middle land, which cuts the north effectively away from south. The southern region is often forced to protect itself from Reminster’s looters. Despite that going on in the common section, the hierarchically higher levels have strong diplomatic relations. Mostly to find out other (nonexistent) plots to take over the other land.

Characters from Gaford:


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